Work Experience

I completed my PhD in Management of Technology in the Laboratory for Systemic Modeling at the computer science department at EPFL in 2013 followed by one year of post-doctoral research. During these years, my main research objective was to provide rigorous and practical thinking and learning tools to assist decision makers in organizations solve problems in the face of ambiguities and uncertainty about objectives and outcomes of their decisions. In the process, I had valuable opportunities to assess the practicality and usefulness of my research by engaging in projects with industrial partners.

Seeking to strengthen my analytical and quantitative skills, I then joined Greenwood Strategic Advisors AG , as system dynamics modeler in 2014, where I  working with formal computer simulations of socio-technical systems . At Greenwood,  I contributed to two major projects: systemic sustainability and urban dynamics for the city of London, and analyzing and measuring delay and disruption in large scale engineering, procurement and construction project.

To further my knowledge in the field of dynamic simulation and modeling, in Jan 2015, I started studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and completed my master’s degree in System Dynamics in Jan 2018.

System dynamics is particularly well-suited for the analysis of sociotechnical systems, that is, systems in which human behavior plays an important role and in which there is interaction between people and the physical and technical subsystems. In such cases, system dynamics models explicitly capture the causal structure of the system of interest, including its physical and technical elements and the decision processes of the people managing these elements.

Prior to my PhD research, I was head of the international projects administration office at the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturing company in the Middle East, Iran Khodro Diesel. Responsible for planning and monitoring international projects, I worked with world-class international partners such as Daimler AG. This position helped me gain invaluable experience in working within international teams in technology transfer projects.

I am currently working at EPFL as a scientist writing a book on the application of systems principles in service design.